Hao Cui

Postdoc AI-enhanced collective intelligence

University College Dublin (UCD)

Ph.D. Network Science

Central European University (CEU)

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Research interests

  • Collective intelligence
  • Online social networks, information spreading, emergence of popularity, attention dynamics, ranking dynamics, interventions in microbloggings sites (online social-networking complex systems)
  • Complex systems
  • Computational social science

➡️ ORCID: 0000-0002-0036-8089 🍀

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Conferences & Talks

  • “Born in Rome” or “Sleeping Beauty”: Emergence of hashtag popularity on a microblogging site, CCS2022 Palma de Mallorca, Spain; NetSci2022 Shanghai, China (online); IC2S2 2022 Chicago IL, United States (Presented by coauthor).
  • Relationship between repost network evolution of trending hashtags and their ranking dynamics in microblogging complex system, Conference on Complex Systems 2021, Lyon, France.
  • Emergence of Popular Hashtags and Ranking Dynamics on the Chinese Microblogging Complex System, NETWORKS 2021: A Joint Sunbelt and NetSci Conference (Online).
  • Attention dynamics on the Chinese social media Sina Weibo during the COVID-19 pandemic (Poster), IC2S2 2021, ETH Zurich (Online).
  • The Role of Phones in the Pandemic: A Case Study on Mobility & Twitter in Germany and Switzerland. IC2S2 2021 Datathon, ETH Zurich (Online).
  • Covidpedia: Collaborative knowledge production in times of crisis. Summer Institute in Computational Social Science SICSS – Oxford (Online).
  • Attention dynamics on the Chinese social media Sina Weibo during the COVID-19 pandemic, Conference on Complex Systems 2020 (Online).


Gallery & media ✨📷

Previous work mentioned in a Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant
How do social networks adapt and evolve?
Donau Knowledge Forum, Montanuniversität Leoben
First Place Winner in Microsoft Policy Hackathon
Winter Workshop on Complex Systems 2022, Saline Royale Arc-et-Senans, France
Methods for Analyzing Multimedia Data (Computational Social Science Summer School 2019, Berlin)